Daigotsu Kirisu

Former Unicorn Samurai that joined the Spider who is not as sure of that decision at times.


Name: Daigotsu Kirisu

Clan: Spider School: Daigotsu Bushi School

Rank: 1 XP: 0 Insight: 131

Earth: 2
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 2
Air: 2
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 2
Water: 2
Strength: 3
Perception: 2
Fire: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3
Void: 2

Honour: 1.5 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0


Hunting 1
Intimidation 2
Jiujitsu 1
Kenjutsu (Katana) 3
Kyujutsu 2
Lore: Shadowlands 2
Horsemanship 3
Athletics 1
Animal Handling 1
Iaijutsu 1
Stealth 1

Advantages: (13)
Perceived Honour (3)
Inheritance (5) – Grandfather’s Sword
Touched of the Spirit Realms – Gaki-Do (5) – reskinned as Blessed by Shahai

Disadvantages: (10)
Black Sheep (3)
Dark Secret (4) – Grandfather left the Unicorn to join Shahai
Sworn Enemy (3) – Older Brother

School Technique:
The Daigotsu Bushi must walk the fine line between using the Taint to power his body and hiding its effects in public. At the beginning of each Round, you may choose to either reduce TN penalties from Wound Ranks by your Strength Trait Rank plus your Taint Rank until the end of the Round, or increase your damage rolls by the same amount. Additionally, the TN on any roll made to detect the presence or effects of the Shadowlands Taint on you is increased by 10.


Tokken was a young Unicorn with a bright future when a mysterious man showed up in Unicorn lands looking for him. Bearing a sword, the man claimed it was Tokken’s grandfather’s blade and Tokken’s birthright. Tokken had no knowledge of his grandfather, as he wasn’t spoken of by the family, so the man told him the tales of a man that followed the love in his heart and followed Shahai into the Shadowlands. Tokken, in the midst of similar feelings due to a teenage infatuation, identified with the tale and asked for more stories of this man he had never known, which the mysterious man was happy to do.

He eventually took the question of his grandfather to his family and was met with scorn and terrible tales of a traitor to the clan, not the misunderstood man that Tokken was learning about through the mysterious man’s stories. It wasn’t long before a rift started to grow.

As Tokken distanced himself from the family, he started spending more time with the visitor, who told more tales, but this time about a more accepting group of Samurai that didn’t deny their desires. Tales of Shourido, blasphemous though they were, were met with interest, especially as Tokken’s advances were rebuffed by the object of his desires.

The sudden death of his father shook Tokken to his core. He turned to the man he had formed a bond with to help him through the trying time. Concern over the time he was spending with the man eventually led to many arguments with his mother and it wasn’t long before Tokken was looking for a way out. In what could only be described as a brash move, he left his family and followed the man who had become a father figure to him into the waiting arms of the Spider Clan. He took the name of his grandfather at his gempukku and has served the Spider ever since. While he occasionally has doubts that he made the right choice, he serves his new clan loyally.

Twenty Questions:

1. Spider

2. Daigotsu

3. Bushi

4. Typically, he wears darker colours, predominantly blacks and the occasional muted tones with splashes of silver among it. As someone who has grown up on horses, he has a slightly bow-legged gait. He has a dour disposition which unnerves some, but despite that, most people view him positively based on his perceived honour. His most striking feature is a scar that spans the left side of his face, a lasting reminder of his battle with his brother before he left his Unicorn family.

5. His motivation is uncertain, to be honest. He left the Unicorn under strange circumstances at a young age, and since then has always had doubts about that decision. I suppose his motivation is to prove that he made the right choice because if the truth is different than that, he doesn’t want to think about that.

6. He trusts the man that brought him his grandfather’s sword. The man became a father figure to the newly joined Spider and above all others, he trusts him.

7. He’s a strong fighter and strives to prove the value of the Spider. He is seen to be honourable, which for a Spider is unusual. His weakness would be the uncertainty of his decision and his occasional doubts about service to the Spider.

8. He actually likes some facets of Bushido, particularly Courage and Loyalty. However, he’s been raised with the code of Shourido and is more apt to follow those virtues, particularly Determination, Strength & Will.

9. As already stated, while he devotes himself to his clan, he still has doubts that he made the right choice as a brash youth. He follows the orders he’s given and hasn’t had any opportunity to find himself questioning their wisdom.

10. He is unmarried. Given his status as a traitor to the Unicorn, the Spider haven’t made an effort to find him a bride, although his adopted father fosters an ironic desire to marry him to a Unicorn in the future.

11. Like many of his old clan, he is not fond of the Lion as his original family fought in the war with them prior to the Destroyer War. He generally has no major opinions about any other clan. As a former Unicorn, he also is more tolerant about gaijin than most clans.

12. He is most loyal to his adopted father and the lord he serves.

13. His favourite thing would be his horse and riding, a throwback to his youth. Of all the times he doubts his choice, its times when he is riding where those doubts rise. He also has a family heirloom (a pendant) that he holds onto for reasons that he can’t quite explain. Least favourite things include courtly matters and rigid ceremony that he doesn’t have a lot of patience for.

14. He tends to get fidgety when he’s involved in ceremony and courtly affairs. This usually manifests with leg movements or not knowing where to put his hands. However, depending on who’s watching, he can force himself to maintain self-control. He tends to stare in a way that is sometimes taken as a glare when he’s talking to someone who he considers weaker than him.

15. Being around Unicorn people that he has no issue with can cause him to feel wistfulness and longing for his old life, a feeling he tries to keep down but doesn’t go away. Homesickness would be a perfect description of it. He finds pleasure in riding, and is only that happy when he’s in the heart of battle or doing another athletic contest, although he usually comes across seriously in battle.

16. There would be little tolerance for a subordinate’s improper behavior. Depending on the seriousness, the subordinate may be killed or ordered to commit seppuku, but regardless of the seriousness, some kind of punishment would happen. It would not be just forgiven and swept aside.

17. His parents would describe him as a traitor to the family, although if his father was alive, he would probably secretly admire the resolve of his son for making such a bold choice. His mother was heartbroken by his choice to leave and committed seppuku. His brother has sworn to end his life for abandoning the clan.

18. His highest ambition is to prove that he made the right choice. This means that he strives to prove the worth of himself and the Spider Clan.

19. He is not particularly religious. He pays homage to the Dark Lord, Daigotsu, and has a special place in his heart for the Dark Fortune of Blood, Shahai. However, he isn’t particularly devout.

20.He will die in one of two ways: Either his brother will fulfill his oath to end his life or he will die trying to improve the status of the Spider.

Daigotsu Kirisu

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