Race: Nezumi
Tribe: Grasping Paw
School: Nezumi Scrounger (Ithith)
Rank: 1
Insight: 126
Honour: 0
Glory: 0
Status: 0
Niche: 2.5

Earth: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 3

Fire: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2

Air: 3
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3

Name: 2


*Athletics (Strength): 2
*Defense (Reflexes): 2
*Hunting (Perception): 2
*Lore: Shadowlands (Intelligence): 1
*Stealth (Sneaking) (Agility): 3
*Sleight of Hand (Agility): 2
*Kyujutsu (Reflexes): 3
Kenjutsu (Agility): 2

Clever Tail (Nezumi Physical) – 4 pts
*You may use your tail to pick up and manipulate small objects (including Small weapons). If you make a Knockdown attack with your tail, you gain a +1k1 bonus on the Contested Roll to see if the Knockdown succeeds.

Rank 1 – Scurry-Scurry Through The Darkness
*+2k0 to all Stealth rolls, and can add Stealth Skill Rank to Armour TN at all times (even when caught unaware)

Nezumi Physical Abilities:

Bite – Inflicts normal unarmed damage with Bite.
Burrow – Burrow through soft earth at 1/10th normal movement speed.
Disease Resistance
Nezumi Agility – +2k0 on any Athletics rolls involving climbing or jumping, or on any Sleight of Hand rolls made to escape bonds.
Nezumi Scent – +1k1 on Hunting rolls involving scents.
Pheromones – Nezumi can leave pheromone trails that indicate gender, tribe & direction in which they are traveling that other Nezumi can detect.
Swift: Nezumi have Swift 2. Considered to have Water two ranks higher for purposes of calculating how far they can move with Free or Simple Move Action.
Taint Immunity: Immune to Shadowlands Taint


Han-Kyu with 30 Willow Leaf & 10 Flesh Cutter arrows in quiver
Ashigaru Armour
Large Sack with Kemari Ball, Blanket, Bowyers Kit, Fishing Kit, Rope, Small Knife, Walking Stick & Whetstone



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