On a small island of no previous importance at the southern end of the Islands of Silk and Spice is a Dojo where retired sailors and a pirate or two teach those interested in the specialized ways of hand-to-hand fighting aboard a ship. The Dojo shares the island with a small tribe of Nezumi, the Chipped Tooth, which spends most of their life sailing the open sea, but returns to the island for rest, to start a family, and to raise their pups.

For many years, these two groups lived quiet lives on the island out of the way of the rest of the Empire, working together to become better sailors, until three major events changed everything: Kan’ok’ticheck’s call, the discovery of Shima no Quehao within relatively easy sailing distance of the island, and the founding of the Colonies, which has made the island a stopover point on the journey there.

Now, the school and the island have become far more important than they ever thought they would be and the people and creatures of the island have to adapt to the influx of newcomers, with all the troubles that entails.

L5R: The Coastal Katana Dojo